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Learn Simple Ways to Extend Your Dog's Life 

This is a beginning course that can serve as a standalone learning experience or as a prerequisite to the other courses at Drake Dog Cancer Academy.

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Constantly Evolving

This course will be continuously evolving to reflect the latest information about canine health and wellness. Enroll now to grab your FREE lifetime access to these hard-to-find, incredibly valuable tips!

Canine Nutrition

Once you have enrolled in this course, you have the opportunity to dive deeper. Join the Dog Cancer Nutrition course to learn what foods promote cancer and which prevent it. 

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Combining Holistic Practices with Dog Cancer Treatment

Here's a simple, transparent, digestible methodology for understanding holistic and traditional cancer treatment options

There are 4 major categories of full-spectrum cancer treatment: Conventional Medical Treatment, Alternative Medical Treatment, Holistic Treatment and Spiritual Support. So pick the one or a combination which is the most viable for your situation.

This course gives you the tools to speak confidently with your practitioner choosing the most effective cancer treatment options available.

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The FREE Inner Circle

This is a community we have recently put together as a resource for dog lovers to discuss their individual situations with professionals. Join the Drake Dog Cancer Academy's Inner Circle to join members on their dog cancer journey, ask questions, and receive emotional support when you need it most.

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